Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

How many videos and reviews do you check before buying a product? How many times do you buy a product because someone has shared with you about the experience of the product? It has practically become second nature to check Amazon and Flipkart reviews before buying a product.

Remember the time when you really wanted to get that cool T-shirt someone was wearing in their Instagram post? Or go to that restaurant where your friend posted delicious pictures of the food on their Facebook story? That person has totally influenced you in making that purchase decision. Don’t worry about that though; you are not the only one who did!

About 30% consumers are more likely to buy a product endorsed by online content creators. Furthermore, around 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by recommendations of their peers in purchasing decisions.

Today, Influencer marketing has garnered a certain level of trust that no other form of digital marketing has ever before. With the right influencers and and an appropriate brand targeting a specific audience, all influencer marketing campaigns can become successful.

What is an Ideal Campaign?

An ideal camping is the one with a well thought out message, tone and offering which makes use of the right influencers in order to appeal to a target audience.
An ideal campaign:-
●   Generates good engagement rates for the posts across different social media platforms.
●    Reaches a wider audience and achieves the targets set by brands and influencers.
●    Produces content that is organic and creative.
●    Contains a strong Call To Action that can influence the audience.
●    And finally, measures the ROI and checks off the right KPIs.

So you must be wondering how to nail your “Ideal Campaign”.
Well, there are a lot of other factors like virality, timing and audience response but once mastered, it’s not that difficult!
● The brand should choose the correct influencers, making sure that the brand’s personality and message matches with the influencers’.
● Setting aside the budget and choosing the influencers that are most suitable in that budget. This is a common problem with brands as they’re unsure whether to go with one big celebrity or several micro celebrities.
● The campaign brief must be crisp, short and communicated clearly to the influencers.
● A certain level of trust and freedom must be given to influencers so that they can perform their best. Most influencers know exactly how to engage their followers and any inconsistency or change in format is seen as inauthentic and may not be received well.
● The content must be fresh, creative and audience centric. Organic and original content for these campaigns are a must.

Some brands have really got their marketing together, they have used influencer marketing to further their causes and messages in the most creative ways. We went through some of the best influencer marketing campaigns in the recent past in order to compile this short list of successful campaigns. These brands knew exactly what works for them:

Mercedes Benz – Who said only Human can Influence?
Mercedes Benz created a 360 degree video featuring Loki the wolf dog and his owner. The viewers could experience and see the beautifully covered snow mountains through loki’s perspective. It focuses on creating an exciting experience of the road journey rather than just an advertisement. This video got hit a number of likes and comments and reached larger audience. This campaign was especially designed to attract the young crowd and it did just that!

Nykaa – They got it right!
The cosmetic brand had a successful influencer campaign with Rohan Joshi, a popular comedian and an influencer. He was challenged to apply makeup to a well-known model. The hashtag #makeupchallenge was the whole campaign. The outcome was not only the successful introduction of some of their make-up products but also some great humor attracting a number of views. Honestly, we had a great time watching this as Rohan Joshi knocked it out of the park with some great puns and one-liners, especially the one with ‘Deborah Milano’.

Daniel Wellington
Daniel wellington focused on building a brand image and a brand story that would engage their consumers. They developed a hashtag to encourage the social media users to post photos of their own DW products which would be posted on the brand’s Instagram feed.
Due to the snowball effect, the brand saw an increase of 1.2 M followers within a year. They also saw an increase in their revenue that year, making the campaign a success.

Airbnb – #LiveThere Campaign
Airbnb worked on the campaign #livetherecampign, collaborating with MTV India for a contest.
Participants had to share a picture on their Instagram or Twitter accounts with a snapshot of their best ‘Live There’ moment. Along with that, participants were required to choose a creative caption along with a destination of their choice.
The winners would have a chance to visit vibrant and exoctic destinations with stars Radhika Apte and Nikhil Chinapa and many more.

Each celebrity helped in creating a buzz on their respective platforms. Each celebrity was associated with one specific country to visit along with the winner. Videos of this experience were created attracting likes, comments and shares.
The video of Radhika Apte and contest winners, Aftab and Tripti’s experiences in London received more than 4.2M views, 56K Reactions and over 1.9K Shares on Airbnb’s official Facebook Page.

Seeing how brands have been working with some of these Influencers to create and share interesting and entertaining content, we are confident in our belief that this is just the beginning and we hope other brands take note of some of these campaigns and give us some more influencer content to enjoy and remember.

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