Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong

Not every campaign goes as strategized and planned. An Influencer marketing campaign goes wrong when the campaign is not planned well or when it does not communicate efficiently to the influencers and/or the audience. Here are some of the disasters that pull your campaign down:

No targets + no goal = failure

The brand and influencers must have their strategy set well before the campaign is put into action. Setting targets and goals give a direction to the campaign. Based on the brand’s ideal outcome, a campaign can focus on brand awareness, sales or PR. Having a focus and a goal in mind makes it easier to check and gauge the performance of the campaign.

Target audience is important

No campaign caters to all the people in the world so there is no point in wasting time trying to reach and please everyone. A brand must narrow down their target audience to meet the exact requirements of their campaign idea and brief. Based on the audience, the brand can reach out to the right influencers that have a fitting audience for the campaign and the campaign can then be adjusted or modified so that there is maximum reach and participation. The right approach with the right target group ensures that the campaign is a success.

Choose wisely

It is necessary to choose the correct influencers with the personalities, tone and worldview so that they match the brand’s identity. Today there are influencers of diverse categories, wisely choosing the influencers is important. Developing a rapport with them for a long term relationship will be helpful for brands as well as influencers.

Original Content is the Choice

Original content, in today’s world, goes a long way over curated content. To really stand out, the content needs to be organic, original and creative. Influencers must create the content as they know what works the best for their followers. It is wrong practice for brands to send over their own images to be posted on influencers’ feeds. This creates distrust and harms the brand and the influencers both.


The message of the campaign should be stated and communicated to the influencers clearly as they can then effectively carry out the execution part that reaches the audience. To avoid miscommunication, the message should be simple, clear and precise. It happens way too common that a good campaign idea gets watered down because the message isn’t communicated properly either by the brand or influencers.

Overruling Content Creators

Creating barriers for creativity is a complete no-no. It is hard to perform in situations where restrictions exist. Influencers are looked up to by their followers to provide the best content; and they know what works best for their audiences. When brands interfere with this process, they cause obstacles that can be disastrous. Trust and freedom offer the best solutions.

The appropriate platform

 Content creators have a huge fan following on different platforms. According to the audience and the product, a platform should be chosen. For example, to reach an older audience the platform Facebook can be chosen over Snapchat. Making influencers post the same content across all the platforms may not always be a good idea.

Not being invested enough

Content creation is an occupation today. Creators deserve to earn for the efforts they put. Not investing enough in the right influencer can be one of the reasons of an unsuccessful campaign as the content created may be subpar due to lack of motivation and resources.

A Campaign Gone Horribly Wrong

In 2017, the Pepsi advertisement that featured influencer Kendall Jenner took a wrong turn. The video had to be taken down since it received severe backlash for having racist undertones and insensitivity. The reactions to this were not positive so Pepsi had to apologize and take the video down.
Pepsi Wanted to project a global message of peace unity and understanding but it just didn’t go their way.

No brand would want to be a similar position. Although, not all brands will face such big disasters but there are several instances where a campaign is not a failure but it isn’t a success either. There are several small instances where brands do not hit the right chord and end up doing more harm than good. However, relatively smaller errors and omissions are a part of the business and shouldn’t be looked upon as a disaster but more like a mistake. And mistakes, if corrected and reiterated with perfection can be a step towards several successful campaigns.

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